All of the products listed on our website are subject to following license terms:

  1. Purchase of the products on this website grants the customer a non exclusive one time license for personal use as a single user. 
  2. Re-distributing, reselling, giving away or other way of sharing the product is strictly prohibited
  3. The customer may not alter, edit or allow a third party to digitally or physically edit the product in any way, unless is expressly specified that the product is an editable digital product.
  4. The artwork, copyright and files remain the property of Mooore Creative OY, company that owns and operates Printables by
  5. Copying, or replicating the artwork or files is strictly prohibited and will be pursued by legal means.

To put it simply, you can:

  • print as many copies of the product as you want for your own personal use or those sharing your household
  • have the file printed by a third party (such as a print shop), providing that they do not keep a copy of the artwork
  • save the artwork on your computer and reuse anytime you want
  • edit the text fields in our editable printables

You cannot:

  • distribute the product in a class, work place or other other establishment without prior consent
  • distribute the product to other people (friends, family etc)
  • sell or distribute for free digital or physical copies of the product
  • upload the digital files online
  • present the product as your own work by removing the copyright or in other ways
  • use the product as a prize in giveaways and competitions

If you have any questions about our licensing terms or would like to acquire a commercial license, please reach out to us directly at