Workout Tracker Printable: 8 Gorgeous Professional Designs

Sticking to a workout regime is probably one of the things we struggle the most with. 

The good news is - there's a way to make it much easier. The secret to sticking to any good habits or routines is ......  wait for it ..........TRACKING! 

Tracking your activity provides you with an instant reward and allows you to see your progress over time. Your brain gets an instant hit of pleasure once you cross over that little box to say you're done with today's tasks.

At the end of the week, you get to look back on how much work you've done and feel instantly great about yourself. What's not to love about that?

Tracking activities dramatically increases your chance for keeping up with them, and tracking sheets can be used in any area of your life, not just for fitness regime.

Are you ready to revolutionize your workouts

Let us introduce you to our new workout tracker printable bundle, containing 8 high quality professionaly designed printables specially for fitness.

Introducing: Our Workout Tracker Printable

This bundles has been designed to allow you to track some key areas of fitness, with workouts being just one of the activities.

The printables offer flexibility to customize them according to your needs, and come in two different sizes - US letter size and A4 - both sizes included with your purchase.

What does it contain?

  • Weekly Routine Tracker (5 Days)
  • 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge
  • My Fitness Goals - Detailed Planner
  • My Fitness Goals - Simplified Planner
  • Gym Planner (Sun - Mon)
  • Workout Planner (Sun - Mon)
  • Routine Tracker - 7 Days
  • Weight Loss Tracker Monthly
  • Total 8 Custom Design Pages (value if sold individually: $23,92)

workout tracker printable

Sample Trackers from our Workout Bundle

Here is a small selection of printables you will find in this Workout Tracker bundle.


Any good workout starts with a properly designed routine that is tracked over time.

Our routine tracker is a simple 7 day tracker sheet that will allow you to track not just your workout routine, but also any other healthy habits you would like to introduce as part of your fitness regime.

workout tracker printable



Workout planner has been designed to allow you to plan and track different workouts on different days of the week.

If you have a workout plan that stays the same every week, you can fill this printable and laminate it, to use it continuously without having to fill in the printable every time. 

workout tracker printable



The first printable you should start your fitness journey with - this fitness goals printable allows you to get clear about your fitness goals and plans, and to track your progress.

It's a simple and wonderful tool for accountability and motivation. 

workout tracker printable



If you would like to also track your weight loss journey, our bundle contains two different printables that have been designed just for that.

Enter your start weight and monitor your progress over the course of a month.

workout tracker printable


Are You Ready to Start Your Fitness Journey?

It couldn't be any easier!

Simply download our Workout Tracker bundle and get started by filling in your fitness goals and weekly workouts to track.

workout tracker printable

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