Self Care Checklist Printable: Make Yourself a Priority

Feeling overwhelmed and over-worked?

Are you struggling to strike a balance between work and family life? 

Do you feel like you have no time for yourself?

We know the feeling!  

If you're looking for a solution and a way to take better care of yourself, a self care checklist is the easiest and best way to introduce some healthy habits in your life.

Why To Use a Self Care Checklist

Self care checklist is your guide and accountability partner - it helps you to keep track of your most important mental and physical habits, that together and over time accumulate and result in a healthier body and mind, thus healthier life.

Self care checklists are some of the easiest and cheapest ways to introduce positive changes to your life, that will reflect not just on you, but also the people around you.

Self care should not be just a once a month indulgence somewhere in the spa, but something you practice every day.

Be the role model for your kids and take care of yourself - you will teach them the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Self Care - Where to Start

If you would love to start practicing some self care on daily basis, and don't know where to start, this article will provide a helpful guide to get you on the right track.

First things first - we all know mental and physical health is extremely important.

But most of us rarely take the time to review how much effort and time we spent on consciously improving these vital areas of our life.

And all it takes is just a few minutes of your time to plan out some self care activities. And there has never been a better day than to start today.

Where to start?

Download our printable and start sketching some ideas for different habits and tasks to track.

Need a bit of help?

Scroll down to the end of the post to see the types of activities and tasks to include on your checklist, to help you get started.

self care checklist printable

What to Include in Your Self Care Checklist

Here are a few ideas of what you can track in your self care checklist printable:


  • water consumptions
  • sticking to diet
  • eating x pieces of fruit per day
  • daily x km walk
  • getting up early in the morning
  • weekly yoga sessions
  • activity level goals
  • healthy 7-8 hours of sleep


  • practice of gratitude each evening
  • meditation practice
  • no complaining tracking
  • practicing mindfulness
  • taking regular breaks


  • quality time with kids
  • quality time with significant other
  • practicing gratitude as a family
  • family dinners
  • reaching out to friends to connect
  • reaching out to parents to connect


  • reading self help books
  • listening to self growth podcasts or youtube videos
  • executing self grow tasks from your books
  • reviewing your day

How to Use a Self Care Checklist

Using a self care checklist couldn't be easier.

Download your copy and spend some time thinking about the areas of your life you would like to improve and what habits would help you to achieve your goals in those areas.

Write down the habits and tasks you would like to execute on a weekly basis.

Remember - be realistic. Start small and you can always add more to your self care checklist. It's important that you don't feel overwhelmed with the amount of habits before you even get started.

As the week progresses, check off all the items you complete. It's important to keep the tracker somewhere handy where you can access it easily.

Introducing: Our Self Care Checklist Printable

Our brand new self care checklist printable will give you access to 3 different templates, for a price of a coffee! 


self care checklist printable

Design Version 1: Self Care Tracker with Gratitude Journal

This self care checklist combines weekly self care activity planner, gratitude journal and weekly review section.

All three of these areas work really well together to give you a balance between self care, gratitude and reflection - a perfect way to plan and reflect on your week.

self care checklist printable


Design Version 2: Blank Self Care Checklist

This self care checklist is perfect for those who like to tailor and customize the activities to their liking.

The top part next to the week dates is where you add your desired area of activity, followed by a list of individual activities below.

self care tracker printable


Design Version 3: Filled Self Care Checklist

Same as the checklist above, this self care checklist features same minimalist grid with four areas of improvement.

Under each area you write down the self care tasks you want to execute each week and track their progress in the weekly tracker on the right side.

There is also a small section in the bottom for your notes. 

self care checklist

Now it's time to start planning!

Download the printable from our store and start planning a better and healthier future for yourself!