6 FREE Password Tracker Printable & Password Keeper with Instant Download

Struggling to remember or locate your passwords? 

You're not alone.

Passwords can be an absolute nightmare to keep track of and no matter how organised you try to be, you end up resetting your logins more often than not.

Passwords are everywhere these days, you need them to access your bank account, your kids school records, medical records or even to book an appointment to your dentist.

With the flow of new logins required almost everywhere online, getting yourself and your passwords organized might be the first step in elevating some of the headaches that come with online logins.

password tracker printable

As far as we can see, there are three types of people.

First, those who use and reuse the same password everywhere, without any need to write it down.

They are same time exposing themselves to the threat of the passwords being hacked very easily and all of the online accounts compromised in one single swoop. In case you recognized yourself, take this as your warning sign and choose a better system to keep your passwords safe (recommended below).

Second group are people who like to keep everything digitally, including passwords.

The problem is, any passwords tracker also needs - you guessed it - a password to access it. As anything that's available online, you're also exposed to the risk of hacking and someone leaking your passwords. 

Third groups are those who prefer the old fashioned pen and paper. If you belong to this group, then you came to the right place.

Our password tracker printables are exactly what you need to finally tame the jungle of your passwords and login details. 

Scroll lower in the article to see our free designs and pick your favorite.

Storing Your Password Tracker Printable

We recommend keeping your password tracker somewhere handy, either with a folder with rest of your documents, or somewhere safe and close to your PC where you will need it the most.

If you work from the office but you also have a home office, make copies of the tracker to keep at both locations. 

How to Use Your Password Tracker Printable

First, get yourself organized and move all your existing passwords from all those random locations into your chosen password keeper template.

Fill out all the details - if you prefer, you can list your sites alphabetically so its easier to find the password you need really fast.

6 FREE Password Keeper Printables

Here is a small selection of printables to help keep all your passwords safe. Click on the text link to download yours. Please see the end of the article for details on license and usage terms.

Password Tracker Printable No 1

This password tracker comes with standard fields and beautiful pink color overlay. 

Download the PDF printable file HERE

free password tracker printable

Password Tracker Printable No 2

Love a bit of color? This password tracker printable might be exactly what you needed!

Download the PDF printable file HERE

free password tracker printable

Password Tracker Printable No 3

For those who prefer their records clean and minimalist, this black & white version of a printable tracker provides everything you need. 

Download the PDF printable file HERE

free password tracker printable

Password Tracker Printable No 4

A dash of color and plenty of space to fill in your passwords and login details - this design will be certainly a hit.

Download the PDF file for this printable HERE.

free password tracker printable

Password Tracker Printable No 5

If you prefer a design with more background color, this pretty and spacious password tracker will tick both boxes.

Download the PDF file for this printable HERE

free password tracker printable

Password Tracker Printable No 6

Pretty design with feminine colors and spacious grid - the perfect and beautiful way to keep all your passwords organized.

Download the PDF file for your printable HERE.

free password tracker printable

License & Usage Terms:

These printables are available with our standard personal use license which allows you to print them at home. It is strictly prohibited to use these products for commercial use, to give them out as part of a competition, freebie or profit from them in similar ways.

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