The Best Chore Charts for Adults

The word is out - chore charts are not just for kids! 

In a world where overload of responsibilities and chores reigns supreme, it's never been more important to recognise the importance of team work, especially when it comes to your household. 

If left unguarded, things to do and issues to take care of pile up quickly and you end up with an overload that is not just physical but also emotional.

That's where chore charts for adults come in - they provide the much needed clarity and peace of mind for everyone involved. 

chore charts for adults

Who Should Use Chore Charts for Adults?

Chore charts for adults can be used in a number of different situations, for example for collage roommates, flatmates or even a husband and wife!

  • Track cleaning chores for flatmates in the same apartment or house, to provide accountability and get your place looking like new all the time
  • Track work chores with your colleagues, especially those physical ones that nobody really wants to take care off - clearing up the office kitchen, restocking the water and other small chores.
  • Wife & Husband chore chart - this is a must have for managing a busy household and to take the load off the wife's shoulders. Especially if kids are involved, this chart will help to keep a bit of sanity in the marriage.
  • Dorm room chore chart - to manage responsibilities between the students and provide accountability

Why Use Chore Charts for Adults

As explained earlier, chore charts help to provide clarity about each person's responsibilities and accountability.

If you use chore chart, you are avoiding the never ending discussion about who is responsible for what tasks and when they get completed. 

Especially in a marriage, its important that taking care of the household doesn't feel like a domain of one person but its shared equally, just as it should be in any good team. The same applies to colleagues and flatmates.

In order to keep your sanity and preserve good relationships, using chore charts is a must.

It will help to eliminate frustration and unnecessary tension caused by things and duties that need to be taken care of.

What Chores Should I Include on Chore Charts for Adults?

That completely depends on the setting and who are you allocating the chores too.

Below we have provided some examples of what could be included, but the chores basically fall into a few categories:

  • chores relating to cleaning and taking care of the household
  • you can include things that you want to get consistent at or develop as a new habit
  • tasks that help you make healthier choices
  • tasks that you tend to forget and need to be done on regular basis

Some tasks you can add to your chore chart include:

  • taking out rubbish
  • making your bed
  • cleaning up kitchen counters
  • booking doctor appointment
  • preparing kids lunches
  • clearing up fridge
  • emptying the dishwasher
  • laundry duties

Introducing: Our Chore Chart for Adults

Our printable chore charts for adults have been designed with simplicity in mind.

chore charts for adults

They feature 3 different variations in design, with some key elements that help you make planning chore a success.

The three variations include are:

  • Chore chart for Monday to Sunday tasks (7 days chart)
  • Chore chart for Sunday to Monday tasks (7 days chart)
  • Chore chart for Monday to Friday tasks (5 days chart)

chore charts for adults

Each of our chore charts for adults has two key sections to make your planning super easy:

Top Section

The top section allows you to record chores that need to be done more than once a week, for example clearing out the dishwasher, swiping the kitchen counters, making food for kids, doing food shopping and similar.

There is plenty of space to write, so you can go as detailed as you like in the description.

Once the task is done, you simply mark the date in which it is done.

Bottom section

The bottom section is reserved for tasks that only need to be done once per week, and you can allocate them to specific day in the week.

This is handy for example if you're allocating rubbish removal and you know your rubbish collection is on a specific day.

The reminder section is useful for notes about events or things to remember on the specific week, which are not necessarily chores themselves.

Here is What a Completed Chore Chart Looks Like

chore charts for adults
Are you ready to start with yours?